TRZI is a fashion brand that depicts a modern woman who is connected to her cultural roots. By focusing on the Qatari traditional attire, the brand began by designing and reimagining the abaya. The brand’s main mission is to offer the best quality for all through our collections, products, and services—making it a tailored experience.

We envision expanding through new product lines and services that represent the brand's identity and DNA. A recently set mission is to adopt ethical practices within the brand's production cycle and design with consciousness.

In 2019, we introduced a repair and redesign service to reduce waste and make our client's clothing live longer. In December 2020, we created a capsule collection showcased in the first exhibition by UNWASTED; we worked very closely by advising the executive team on ways that we, as designers and as a brand, can take part in promoting sustainability within the fashion industry.

Amna Ahmed Al-Misned is a fashion designer born and raised in Qatar. She founded TRZI in 2010, a brand inspired by women, art, lifestyle and culture. Amna found her growing interest in fashion when she designed and draped her first dress at the age of 15, and in 2017, received her BA in fashion design from Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar.  Today, as a designer, Amna is finding ways of self-expression through constant experimentation and conceptualization, while staying informed and aware of today's world.

TRZI is transforming the retail landscape by creating a multi-faceted concept store/atelier that serves as more than just a place to shop; it acts as a workshop for its skilled tailors, a hub for distribution, and a community space for its customers. 

This new flagship store is strategically located in Downtown Msheireb, Doha, blending retail and craftsmanship with a focus on exceptional service and community engagement. This location embodies TRZI's brand values, aesthetics, and DNA. 

TRZI is establishing itself as a one-stop destination for a tailored experience. The space offers the brand’s collections and products, while creating a platform to showcase local and international creatives through collaborating with artists and designers that resonate with the brand's purpose and culture.

In addition to this, the versatility of the space mirrors a blank canvas - it can be altered depending on the season or collaboration. TRZI is a place that combines an atelier and showroom divided by a glass wall that allows visitors to experience the craftsmanship to the final tailored product. 


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