Amna A. Al-Misned, fashion designer and art director, born and raised in Qatar; Amna graduated with a BA in fine arts from Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar, majoring in fashion design and minor in art history. In 2010 TRZI was founded, a brand inspired by women, art, lifestyle, and culture.

The brand is a narrative that depicts the modern woman that is connected to her roots. The brand took off by designing and reimagining the Abaya, a traditionally rich garment that women in the Middle East wear daily by blurring the lines between a Qatari cultural attire and the global fashion world. Today, the brand is evolving and branching out into other product lines such as ready-to-wear clothing collections to create a whole tailored experience.

It is our mission to offer the best quality experience through our collections, products, and services. One of our primary goals is to continuously search for ways to implement ethical practices within the brand's production cycle and design with consciousness to contribute to a positive environmental impact.


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