A significant part of our brand mission is to focus on sustainability and how we can collectively have a positive impact on our environment. We try to do this through exploring ways for conscious production and sustainable ethical practices.

To achieve this, we are offering repair/redesign services for your pieces to live longer.

How does this work?

Our repair, redesign, and up-cycle services work in more than one way:

1. You can book a collection for a damaged piece you love; we will inspect and suggest to you ways in which we can repair it.

2. You can book a collection for an old piece you loved but feel like it’s time to change up. We will inspect the piece and provide you with options and suggestions on how we can redesign and up-cycle.


1. Book a collection

2. Review

3. Schedule a return

Terms and conditions apply.

Book Now


You can book an appointment for a private viewing of our collections in the comfort of your home.

1. Book an appointment

2. Get a confirmation from our team

3. Enjoy your private viewing

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